The right accessories for every request. With FRYKA accessories you can extend the capabilities of your refrigerator and freezer and ensure the utmost comfort when using your appliance.

RS Shelf-drawers

  • For standard cryoboxes
  • All stainless steel
  • With handles
  • Extra gaps for optimal, uniform and rapid cooling of the entire frozen product
  • Versions available for the following FRYKA freezers:    
    - B 30-20 refrigerators and freezer box
    - B 35 refrigerator and freezer box
    - TS chest freezer
    - TUS chest freezer
  • Delivered without cryoboxes

TT 90-RC stainless steel shelf

  • For storage of six standard cryoboxes (135 x 135 x 52 mm) per shelf
  • 12 shelves possible per chest
  • Extra gaps for optimum, uniform and rapid cooling of all the refrigerated items

TP thermal plate

For cooling and stabilising temperatures in conjunction with FRYKA Recirculating chillers

  • Two hose fittings made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel plates
  • Processing of refrigerated products during cooling possible
  • Low height:
    - ergonomic work
    - can be placed on table
    - for installation
  • Separate installation of refrigeration unit and thermal plate possible
  • Plate size as desired


Contact sensor PT 100

  • Stainless steel tube 4mm x 130mm long
  • Silicon cable available in 1m or 2m lenght
  • Suitable for all FRYKA products which can be connected to an external temperature sensor

Thermo-insulated tubing

  • Silicon tube: ID 10.0mm | to 0.5 bar | to -30°C | without fabric | for DLK 402
  • Silicon tube: ID 12,5mm | to 6.0 bar | to -30°C | with fabric | for ULK 602 to ULK 2002
  • Length on demand (maximum length: 10m)

Roll frame

  • Available for all B 35, TS and TT freezers, as well as DLK 602, DLK 1002 and DLK 2002
  • Four driving rollers, two with brakes
  • Material: stainless steel

HKF coolant 15.1 POF ECO

  • Recommended for all FRYKA recirculating chillers
  • 5 litre container
  • Ready-made mixture
  • Frost-proof up to -15°C