Professional cooling solutions for professional use. FRYKA cooling solutions are used for the cooling of gases, liquids or solids. The applications in this area are extremely varied: laboratory and analytical technology, industry, biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industry and food industry, materials testing, environmental protection and environmental technology. We have put together some examples.

FRYKA freezers are used in molecular biology laboratories for example. In addition to cryopreserved microorganisms of a strain collection, a DNA genome library can be stored. Particularly useful from the user's point of view is the fact that, as a compact desktop unit, the cold box can be placed directly in the laboratory, avoiding a lenghty trip to outsourced large freezers. Also the samples do not need to be cooled for transport to the laboratory.

In a cell culture laboratory, a -80°C freezer was used for sensitive cells, such as mammalian cells, to freeze them under controlled conditions. Sensitive proteins such as antibodies or cytokines are stored in these devices to guarantee the long life and activity of the proteins.

Electrically conductive adhesive (silver conductive adhesive) used for joining SMD components is used in the automotive, medical and aerospace industries for example. Since the drying of these adhesives is temperature dependent, manufacturing companies need to ensure that the adhesive units are stored at -40°C, otherwise secure joining of SMD components cannot be guaranteed. Fryka-Kältetechnik offers you a secure storage facility for silver conductive adhesive with our freezers of 8-100 litre capacities. With the option of temperature recording, maintenance of the required storage conditions can be documented and made traceable. Space-saving mini-freezers, for example, are ideal for use directly in the workplace, with a maximum of 8 litres.

Thermal expansion (formerly cold shrinkage) is used for making solid connections between two components. In this method, thermal expansion is used as the outer part is pushed onto the inner, cooled part. To cool down the relevant part, our customers use different FRYKA freezers. During the heating of the inner part to room temperature, this will expand again, so that both parts are pressed together and joined to each other. The expansion is in the range of fractions of millimetres.