As a company that has it roots in the tradition-rich city of Esslingen, it is also the focus of our contribution to a functioning community. FRYKA-Kältetechnik is committed in different areas.


Children and young people are especially important to us, particularly those who need more support and help than others. Some of the initiatives or clubs promoted by us are listed here.

Swing for Charity

In the meantime it's already a tradition: Swing or Soul for Charity with the support of FRYKA-Kältetechnik GmbH. Also this year the organizer - the Rotary Club Stuttgart-Fernsehturm - together with the Lumberjack Bigband was able to put on a musical evening of the finest quality.
The motto of the evening was "Tribute to Udo Jürgens". The Udo Jürgens part was designed by the singers Uli Scherbel and Karim Khawatmi. The duets were taken over by Caro Kieswetter.
The proceeds from the charity concert will go to the "HUMOR HILFT HEILEN" foundation run by Dr. med. Eckart von Hirschhausen, who trains doctors, nurses and hospital clowns and promotes therapeutic laughter in medicine.

Sucht und Jugendhilfe e.V.

The association Sucht und Jugendhilfe e.V. is active with awareness campaigns in German schools. The association wants to protect children and young people with information about addiction.
Fryka-Kältetechnik helps finance the “Addiction Help” guide so that it can be distributed free of charge at a vocational school in Esslingen. We would like to make a small contribution so that adolescents are informed about the dangers of addiction and an addiction can be prevented.


SINN - Location branding initiative Neue Neckarwiesen

In order to jointly represent the interests of the Neue Neckarwiesen industrial park, companies and property owners have joined forces in the Neue Neckarwiesen e.V. - SiNN - site initiative. SiNN is developing the Neue Neckarwiesen into a sustainable and attractive location that impresses with its unique profile. SiNN is characterized by strong, networked action, synergetic projects and comprehensive infrastructure measures, which ensure the quality of the location and its jobs in the long term.

FRYKA-Kältetechnik is a member of the Verein Standortinitiative Neue Neckarwiesen e.V. (SINN) and is actively involved in the goals and tasks of SINN in the person of Ralph Kaiser as a board member.